Topdown Focused Retrieval System

Lead Generation

This market concept describes the derivation of income from ads, fees for delivering leads to suppliers, or sales commissions.

Functioning in a primarily seller-driven market, lead generation markets may also produce RFP's (Requests For Proposals), and RFQ (Requests For Quotes) for buyers.



Lead Generation Benefits

In the process, the information needs of users are evaluated while content, information, and transactions for buyers and sellers are integrated/aggregated.

The majority of lead generation markets strive to become transaction-oriented catalog aggregation models.

Topdown Focused Retrieval System

Business Leads Retriever

The Topdown Focused Retrieval System starts with a general search term and refines your search at each level. Through step-wise refinement you will quickly reach the item you were searching for. It does the thinking for you. Just click on the item that best describes what you are looking for at each stage.

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