Topdown Focused Retrieval System

Business Leads

 With so much riding on your business to business lead generation and prospecting efforts, you need a trusted source to provide you with insight into the vast universe of business information.

Get a company that offers quality business leads and business information and a number of innovative, cost-effective lead generation solutions delivered in multiple mediums for your convenience.


List Building

Quickly and affordably research U.K. & U.S. firms and their markets with integrated company profiles, industry information, news and corporate trees.

Find prospects in custom markets in the U.K. & U.S. and build lists for direct marketing campaigns in minutes.

Calls team of list experts for help building - targeted marketing list. This fast and easy way to reach your target market provides you with all of the company information you need to conduct targeted lead generation and get the best results for your marketing cash.

Reach educators-preschool through college, including public libraries-with targeted lists.

Topdown Focused Retrieval System

Business Leads Retriever

The Topdown Focused Retrieval System starts with a general search term and refines your search at each level. Through step-wise refinement you will quickly reach the item you were searching for. It does the thinking for you. Just click on the item that best describes what you are looking for at each stage.

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