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Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance can be at affordable prices

Many providers have been in specialist health insurance services for over a significant number of years so you can rest assured that your healthcare needs are in experienced hands.

With a range of high quality health insurance plans from which you can choose, there's one to suit most requirements and budgets. Most plans provide cover for eligible treatment received in hospital, whether overnight and longer, or as a day-patient, and settle the charges for these directly with the hospital. You can also get cover for out-patient treatment, such as referred specialist consultations, and the benefit level will depend on the health insurance plan you choose.

Health Insurance - more

Even if you don't need hospital treatment, there will often be support for you with 24-hour health information services. Registered nurses, midwives, counsellors, health visitors and pharmacists waiting to take your call, and set your mind at rest.

Some services are:

• In-patient and day-patient - unlimited cover for hospital charges, consultant/specialist charges and diagnostic tests.

• Out-patient treatment - cover for radiotherapy/chemotherapy charges, plus money to cover diagnostic tests, specialist consultations, complementary practitioner and clinical practitioner charges.

• Parent accommodation for one parent when staying with their child, under the age of 11, covered by the policy.

• Cash benefits - per night and per year.


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