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Crime Injury Compensation

Applicants may receive crime injury compensation to cover expenses including the following:

Expenses actually and reasonably incurred resulting from the person's injury.
Emergency expenses resulting from a personal injury, such as medical expenses.
Loss of wages , as a consequence of the total or partial disability affecting the person's capacity to work.
Financial loss to the dependants of a person.
Pain and suffering.

More about Crime Injury

Crimes continue to occur at an alarming rate. Many persons are unaware of their right to claim crime injury compensation for their injuries.

Special authorities have been established to administer the statutory compensation scheme for persons of crime sustaining crime injury.

These units can assists clients who wish to pursue claims.

It is vitally important that you report the crime injury as quickly as possible to the Police and to co-operate fully with their enquiries - failure to do so can entitle the compensation body to refuse a compensation payment.

You should seek legal advice and pursue your claim as soon as possible - there are time limits on making claims.

With expert advice, you can optimise your prospects of a fair award of compensation for your injuries and your financial losses.

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